Purple hair dyes: who is suitable and how to use them?

In search of the best solution for a creative image, modern women of fashion often resort to coloring their hair with unusual shades of a color palette. One of them is purple: although it is not natural, with the proper selection of halftones, it can endow its owner with incredible extravagance and femininity. We will consider who adapts to this painting, as well as discover the nuances of its use. For more references, check out: best purple hair dye


Purple hair dye is diverse. The palette of this color contains many shades, differing in temperature and degree of saturation. The color itself combines two strong colors: blue and red. The predominance of one of them determines the color temperature: it can be hot or cold.

The color is not among the universal ones: it is quite contradictory and demanding in the type of female color. In addition, the choice will be influenced by age: the color of purple hair is irrelevant both in the nursery and in the elderly. In both cases, it looks ugly. But if for a girl it can be a special child painting, washed with water, then the image of an elderly woman in purple creates a desire. It seems that the lady used purple paint, and that devalues the beauty of the hair and the general appearance.

Depending on the client's priorities, she can choose to paint any shade of violet paint, for example:

* Dark purple;

* ink;

* lilac;

* lavender;

* purple-brown;

* purple-gray;

* purple blue;

* purple

Purple hair dyeing can be different depending on the method used as a base. It should be noted that the unusual shade is washed out of the hair faster than other shades in the color palette. This is convenient for fashionistas who love frequent mood swings and try to shock others with new experiments on their appearance. In addition, hair dye can take many forms, from the usual creamy texture or even wax to crayons, powder, mascara, spray or even colored purple hair spray.

The choice of either option will depend on the woman's preferences, as well as the durability. For example, if you need to paint at once (say, for a party), enough crayons or paint, as well as varnish.

Who are you going to?

Purple hair can give a feminine image exclusively, without denying beauty and femininity. It is impossible to say with absolute certainty that this is the color of any girl. He is capricious, and even in two women he can look completely different, emphasizing the effectiveness of one and destroying the image of the other. At the same time, the natural color of the hair is of great importance: the ideally violet dye will suit owners of a naturally cool tone of waves.

However, this does not mean that girls with a brighter shade of curls will have to give up the popular shade. They will also be able to withstand different coloring experiments, choosing between one or the other painting technique. Such color is more suitable for dark-haired girls and owners of curls of light brown color. It is ideal for a type of cool color, and these fashion women can afford any dyeing experience, regardless of the hair structure. It can be straight and wavy and even curly.